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The Development Of The Early Church
The Development Of The Early Church
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Lesson 6


Big Idea


The Development of the Early Church


Learning Intention


Rapid spread of Christianity and the development of the early church



The Development of the Early Church


Read KWL Text book and complete the following questions in your exercise book.


Read page 101 to 102.


1.    Describe the Birthday of the Church.

2.    Describe the practise of the “earliest followers of Jesus Christ”.

3.    How did Christianity outline the first great controversy?


Read pages 103 to 104.


4.    Who was the first great evangelist to spread Christianity?

5.    Give three reasons why Christian spread rapidly.



Read page 106 to 108.


6.    Give three reasons why Romans, pagans and Jewish leaders disliked Christians in the early church.

7.    Outline the events that took place in 64 AD.


Read page 109 to 110.


8.    Who was Constantine and what did he do for Christianity?

9.    What is the doctrine of the Trinity?  Why was it created in 325 AD.

10.Who was the first Bishop of Rome and how did he die?

11.Why was Peter important?

12.Who were the Bishops of the Five Major cities?


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