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Contribution Of Saint Francis
Contribution Of Saint Francis
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Studies of Religion

Significant person and school of thought

Saint Francis


Syllabus - Explain the contribution to the development and expression of Christianity of ONE significant person OR school of thought, other than Jesus, drawn from:

-       Saint Francis


Study Question 1

Outline the contribution of Saint Francis – 2 marks

Francis of Assisi founded the Order of Friar’s Minor or Franciscans. This was the first begging order who sought to radically follow Jesus by serving the poor and living a life of simplicity.


Study Question 2

Describe the contribution of Saint Francis – 4 marks

Francis of Assisi gave up his family wealth and embraced a life serving the poor as a disciple of Jesus. Saint Francis is often known as the Second Christ. The culture of individualism, and consumerism, Francis radically models how Christians today are to follow Christ. In 1209 he founded the Order of Friar Minor and sought peace with the Islamic Sultan Al Kamil in 1220 at a time when the church wanted war through their crusades.


Study Question 3

Explain the contribution of Saint Francis – 6 marks

Saint Francis has made a significant contribution to Christianity. In Luke’s Gospel Chapter 18 he instructs the rich man “To give all your money to the poor and come and follow me”. Francis saw himself as the rich man. He gave up his family’s wealth and founded a begging order “the Friars Minor” who also took a radical approach to living a simple life through “poverty, chastity and obedience” as disciples of Jesus.  In 1219 Francis travelled to Egypt and sought peace with the Islamic Sultan Al-Kamil. This was the first example of interfaith dialogue between the Christians and the Muslim’s at the height of the crusades where Muslims were given instructions to execute Christians on sight. For Francis to gain an audience with the Sultan Al Kamil demonstrated the recognition of Francis as a messenger of peace in the way of Jesus. In 1223 Francis instituted the first nativity scene by combining Luke and Matthew’s Gospel stories into one account with live animals. Soon after, in 1224 Francis wrote the first poem in the native Italian language “Canticle of Brother Son”, which praised creation and stood as one of the few Christians for the first 1900 years who demonstrated a love and service of creation by seeing God in creation.



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Revision Questions


1.     When was Saint Francis Born?                                 

2.     What town and country did Saint Francis come from?                   

3.     What orders did Saint Francis Found?                     

4.     In 1202 which local town did he go to war against dressed as a knight?

5.     How long was Francis held in prison in Perugia?

6.     What is the missing word? Francis would have run from the _____________, but on this occasion, his behaviour was very different. Viewing the ________________ as a symbol of moral conscience — or as Jesus incognito, according to some religious scholars — he embraced and kissed him, later describing the experience as a feeling of sweetness in his mouth.

7.     Which story from the Gospels inspired Francis to give up all his wealth?

8.     What vows did the Order of Friar Minor Take?

9.     What sacred text did Francis use to write the Rule for the Friars Minor?

10.  In what year was the Order of Friars Minor formed?

11.  Why did Francis travel to Rome to seek an audience with the Pope?

12.  Why did Francis want to travel to Egypt where the crusades were at war in 1219?

13.  What did Francis hear when he first approached the San Damiano Cross?

14.  What did Francis seek by speaking to the Sultan Al-Kamil?

15.  What did the Sultan Al-Kamil give Francis?

16.  Which is the first part of the “Prayer of Saint Francis”?

17.  In what year did Francis first instituted first nativity scene by combining Luke and Matthew’s Gospel stories into one account with live animals?

18.  What is the missing word? As Francis and some companions were traveling through the Spoleto Valley in Italy, Francis noticed that a huge flock of _____________ had gathered in some trees beside a field. Francis noticed that the ____________________  were watching him as if they were expecting something. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, he decided to preach a sermon about God's love for them.

19.  What was the First poem to be written in the native Italian language by Francis?

20.  Quote a part of the Canticle of Creation.

21.  In 1979 Francis was made the patron saint of Ecology? What day is this celebrated?

22.  What did Saint Francis receive before his death in 1226?



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