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Stage 4

Catholic Identity and Belonging


Life and Times of Jesus

Covenant the Adventure Begins

Images of God


Ways People Pray

Sacraments of Initiation

A Christian Flame is Lit

A Light in a Collapsing World 


Stage 5

Images of Jesus

Champions of Faith

Could or Should

Champions of Change


Faces of God

Living the Gospels

Sacred Ground

One Tree and Many Branches


Stage 6 - Studies in Catholic Thought

This is a group for teachers teaching the new course Studies in Catholic Thought. While our focus is on the new course “Studies in Catholic Thought” our content may be relevant for others exploring the Catholic or Christian faith. We are a group of educators here to share resources and support each other. https://www.facebook.com/groups/StudiesInCatholicThought/

Stage 6 - Catholic Studies

Search for meaning and Catholic World View

Portraits of Jesus: Human and divine

The Church and the World

Catholic Ethical Teachings


A Catholic Approach to Suffering and Death

Social Justice Research Project

Life and Love as a Catholic


Stage 6 - Studies of Religion

Prelim - Nature of Religion and Beliefs

Prelim - Islam

Prelim - Christianity

Prelim - Judaism

Prelim - Religions of Ancient Origins

Prelim - Religion in Australia pre 1945


HSC - Islam

HSC - Post 1945

HSC - Christianity

HSC - Judaism

HSC - Religion and Peace

HSC - Religion and Non Religion


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